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We’ve come to realize those that work here share:

-- A community mindset
-- A willingness to share, help and learn from others
-- The ability to be flexible (just like when you “go to work” anywhere)
-- An innate sense of what it means to be fair and reasonable

We have very few rules (that’s why we work for ourselves, after all), but one guiding principle: If you work here, you must not be disruptive while, at the same time, willing to support each other.

SoCo Depot has low, monthly dues. We simply divide up our expenses by the total number of members to get our monthly cost for each. Lately, for Residents it's been about $300 a month. Coworking Lite is $200. For more details go to the Membership section.

SoCo Depot is a membership organization. New members are voted in with input from all current members. There is a month trial period. If either party wants to end the membership they may. The initiation fee is $250 and is returned if the one month trial is not successful.

The values of the members of the SoCo Depot are to support one and another and have open, transparent decisions. The SoCo Depot is an integral, visible part of the community hosting and supporting community events and issues. It is a vibrant place with parties, book signings, and other public cultural activities.

With the exception of community events and conference room rental, the space itself is safe and controlled, allowing access to members and guests.

There is more information in the Membership section, Member Criteria, and the Membership Agreement about SoCo Depot membership.